Amazon FBA Select

What is FBA Select?

We have long been an online retailer of physical products of all kinds. We are constantly buying from our suppliers and selling on top eCommerce platforms (e.g. Amazon). But our priority is not to just sell your products, but to also implement strategies to increase your market share.

When WE sell your products online, we seek to ensure that your brand is protected. And even better, sales and profit growth for your brand(s).

When we succeed, you succeed. It’s a Win-Win-Win scenario for you, us, and the customer!

And best of all, we charge NO FEES. We profit the same way we always have….by making a reasonable profit margin on the products we buy from our suppliers (YOU) for resale online. That’s it!

FBA Select is simply the term we use to describe our relationship whereby you, the brand owner/supplier choose us to be your preferred Amazon FBA seller. We purchase your branded products directly from you and have them shipped to Amazon warehouses. In your listings, Amazon Prime shoppers will always see the Amazon Prime button which means that they can now buy your products from us and have them fulfilled by Amazon within 1-2 days. That’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

FBA Select Services are offered for no charge. We perform these services because it serves both of us, supplier and reseller, to maximize sales of your products on Amazon.

Note: In order to perform these services free of charge, we do ask that our supplier to take the steps necessary to protect their brand listings on Amazon to include one or more of the following actions, depending on your particular situation. If you really care about your brand, you should be taking such actions anyway…

  • Register your brand with Amazon
  • Implement a MAP Policy for companies who sell your products on Amazon
  • Implement a Reseller Agreement for all buyers of your products to follow
  • Authorize us to sell your products on (even if for select few products at first)
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What is FBA Select?

Ask yourself these questions…


“Do the third party sellers of our brand also sell thousands of other products on Amazon? If so, do they really care about Sargasso Inc.”


“If Sargasso Inc. will undertake all the following responsibilities, why do we even need these other sellers?”


The enforcement of your MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy is the top issue facing brand owners today. We are well equipped to help you

  1. Create and implement a MAP policy for your brand(s)
  2. Assist in the enforcement of your MAP policy

Assist in eliminating non-compliant sellers who care ONLY about making a sale at the lowest price possible


Want us to help you with the Amazon Brand Registry Process? We know the potential pitfalls because we’ve registered some of our own brands. You don’t have to turn it all over to us….you can let Amazon know that you authorize Sargasso Inc. to assist you. We’ll show you how to do that.


Few brands understand what it takes to optimize product listings for the search engine algorithms of the top eCommerce platforms. This is what we do. Sargasso Inc. specializes in listing optimization and we can ensure that your products are listed in a manner that ensures you have the best images, sales copy, and keywords for the highest possible sales volume.


As an online retailer ourselves, we order and stock inventory for eCommerce as our primary business. In fact, we have shipped hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of inventory, at cost, to Amazon fulfillment centers. You can be assured that we know the pitfalls and workarounds when dealing with Amazon FBA issues. W

The benefit to you, our supplier, is that YOU don’t have to deal with these issues because once we place a purchase order from you, for resale on Amazon, inventory management becomes OUR responsibility, not yours. You can focus on manufacturing, product development and other tasks more strategic to manufacturers and leave the Amazon headaches to us.


You can also expect us to proactively manage customer feedback. Product reviews are important. We will manage and report customer feedback for you to ensure that your brand is always seen in the best possible light.


  1. Maximize positive product reviews
  2. Immediately address concerns based on negative product reviews, and report back to you, our valued supplier, so that you can address product issues
  3. Address any immediate delivery, packaging, or product issues based on comments/feedback


On a monthly basis, suppliers who choose us for FBA Select will receive a monthly report that includes the following:

  • Last months sales by product ID
  • Positive product reviews of your brand resulting from our Amazon sales efforts
  • Negative product reviews left by customers
  • Listing issues that affect your brand (e.g. multiple listings with various versions of your brand name due to the efforts of careless 3rd party sellers
  • Names of new 3rd party sellers appearing on listings of your branded products, and potential non-compliance with your MAP policy
  • Names of 3rd party sellers appearing on listings of your branded products who we believe may be selling inauthentic (counterfeit) products